Protection Plan

Protection Plan

Through North American Van Lines, Bloomington Relocation Systems INC. offers two basic levels of protection:

Basic Liability Protection

This plan provides repair or replacement for up to $.60 per pound per item. We do not charge for this option, but you must select it in the valuation section of your Bill of Lading. If you do not select this option, you automatically get the MVP coverage.

Maximum Value Protection® (MVP)

This full-replacement plan covers the total value of your belongings. At a minimum, you must declare a value of $6.00 per pound times the total weight of your shipment. Of course, you may choose a higher valuation rate. Please ask your personal mover about our protection levels, deductibles and rates for this coverage plan or download our protection plan information below.

Which Plan Is Right for You?

We can’t answer that for you definitively. We suggest that you review your homeowners or renters insurance policy for recommended coverage levels. You can also download our inventory worksheet to assist you. Note that your protection level should take into account any valuable items such as artwork, collectibles and electronics. If you prefer full-replacement coverage, be sure to request the Maximum Value Protection in writing on your Bill of Lading.

Protection Plan and Valuation Worksheet